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Spanish Exeter Tutor

I am Óscar Martínez Herrero, main teacher and founder of Spanish Exeter. I am originally from León (Northwest Spain), one of the main cities on the Camino de Santiago, but I have lived and worked in Exeter since 2012.

I have a Degree in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and an MA in Secondary Education & Language Teaching (Spanish equivalent to PGCE). In September of 2017, after 3 years working as a TA in a Secondary School, I decided to become self-employed and created Spanish Exeter.

Before taking that decision I spent two years testing my tutoring skills by teaching Spanish in different ways: from giving lessons for free in a hub in Belmont Park (Newtown – Exeter) to having small groups, even also a big group in a company on the quay side.

Throughout this journey I have had the same goal; teaching Spanish in ways most similar to how we learn our own languages. I like seeing my students practicing in conversational activities and games. Like probably every Spaniard, I love to talk about “mi pueblo” – Toral de los Guzmanes and my region. I always refer to some cultural facts during my lessons and this will help you to feel immersed in a little bit of Spanish culture!

I love sharing some of my language learning experiences- English since I was 8 years old; then Portuguese in my Erasmus year in Vila Real (Portugal), when I was 24 -. From these experiences and my ongoing language learning journey I have learnt what does and what does not work when it comes to learning a language. This is why I like to give some tips on simple things that may make all the difference.

Spanish Tutor Exeter

I am talkative, very patience and understanding, but also very determined. In my classes I create the perfect atmosphere for learning. You will feel relaxed and confident; therefore improving your fluency in Spanish is just a matter of time.

The meantime, I am in charge of making of this process one of the most enjoyable learning experiences of your life!

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