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Whether you want to improve your Spanish for business or general social use, to start from scratch or to be more fluent speaker, this is the type of option you want to take. You will have your own private lessons and your own private Spanish tutor – so your lessons can be tailored to your own particular needs. Where the lessons will be perfectly designed to your level and interests, I will also focus on speaking skills, I will provide Grammar exercises, monitor your progress and advised you over the next step to keep learning.

Spanish Tutor Exeter


SpanishTutor Exeter

Group of two


SpanishTutor Exeter

Group of 3+


The price correspond to one hour of lesson.


Monday to Friday - From 9 am to 7 pm.

The availability for lessons may vary. Check the courses ongoing in order to find the hours I might not be available.

We mainly practice conversational activities based on the principles of language acquistion: input in Spanish and comprehensible information.

For any requirement or consultation use the number 07857 599174 or the email address
I will contact you promptly to solve any question.

Please, read our Term and Conditions.

Get this opportunity & Speak Spanish!

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