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Get prepared for the Spanish New Specification 1-9, practicing your speaking skills with real materials based on past papers. We will make sure you are assessed at the beginning of the training and we will develop a tailored progress for your case. Do not leave this new challenge let you down. You know enough Spanish Language to succeed; you just need to practice speaking.

Practice your speaking skills by using grammar, different tenses and expression you know from your time studying Spanish. It is now when you will use them and see how they work in real context.


Get trained in how use your time effectively by knowing the pace of the real conditions in your exam. We will practice, every week, with the most similar activities you will find in your Speaking Exam - Role play - Photo Card - General conversation.


To be able to speak a foreign language, knowing the grammar and vocabulary is just not enough. Gain confidence practicing simple patterns of conversation. It will be the base for future and complex comments, adding opinions and expressions.

Please, read our Terms and Conditions.

GCSE´s (9 -1) Spanish
 5 years of exams
achieving high grades

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